Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My dear fellow crafters ... I knew I had been offline for a while - but 6 months without a post!?!?! Wow, I really have been out of touch with all of you in the "blogosphere."  Well, I could try to play catch up and go into a list of everything I did all those months, but that would be exhausting! 

Soooo, let me just pick up where I've been recently and share with you what has been keeping me VERY busy the last month: I have a new son!! (in-law, that is!)  My oldest daughter just got married this past weekend and here is the first picture I have to share with you:

Is it self-serving to say how beautiful she and how handsome he looked? Well, they did! Theirs is a God-led love story that we pray just continues and grows as they build their lives together with Him.

Now there are, of course, many more pictures but believe it or not I don't have any of my own!  I was the mother of the bride, caterer, designer, and crafter, but not the photographer!  LOL :-) So I hope you enjoy this picture and bear with me while I get more to post.  I will also share a few of the items we made for the wedding and give you a little crafting inspiration. 

God bless and good night!