Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back from Disneyland ...

Yes, Disney LAND not Disney WORLD J Close To My Heart’s annual convention was held at the Disneyland Hotel and it was both an exhilirating and exhausting event! The fun of being in a place full of people who enjoy a lot of the same things is a wonderful thing: pictures of friends and families, beautiful handmade projects, gadgets and gizmos, bright colors of papers and ribbons, silly jokes and good food, and the list goes on and on! That’s all involved when Close To My Heart hosts a meeting to showcase the year that’s coming and review the year that’s past.   However, staying up to eat dinner at 7:30 pm Pacific Standard Time, even if it's good – not so much – ha, ha,ha!!

Lots of us consultants go a little nuts among so many crafters and we do card swaps, kind of like kids used to do with baseball cards – trading them with others and it gets kind of crazy! Here’s the card I designed for swapping and managed to make 18 of them to swap – lots of fun and it was over in about 10 minutes! Got some real pretty ones in exchange!Here’s a picture of my roommate, Tamra Pope, a fellow CTMH consultant from here in Melbourne, and I in our Disneyland Hotel room and behind us is a black and white photo of Sleeping Beauty’s castle with Walt Disney in front. We were registered under “Jasmine” so my mom and I made some rhinestone sparkly shirts in purple that we wore on the first day (my parents and I have a t-shirt making business together).

 Got lots of great comments about it! Even bigger news was that Tamra entered this year’s Album Contest and won twice! She received the highest honor among consultants - the Consultant’s Choice Award - and placed third in the company’s awards – it is a gorgeous work of both Art and Heart!

 Here’s a shot of me with other consultants of a team I belong to – Legacy Leaders – most of us from the Central Florida area. Love the Mickey Mouse! There are lots of great announcements but you’ll need to wait a little bit – let me just tease you with one of the most exciting announcements ….

What’s the name of the little insect makes annoying noises but also the name of a great crafting machine? Can you guess? Just ask “Jimminy …” for help! Can you guess?

I’ll tell you in my next post!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s a good time to look through the current Spring and Autumn/Winter books and see if you are interested in anything from this catalog that will not be offered anymore once the next one
comes out – particularly the Workshops on the Go kits. If you have questions as to what will or will not be available (such as the Christmas or Fall papers) please call or email me and I’ll let you know. I can also tell you that due to rising costs, CTMH is changing how it packages its cardstock and the prices will be going up slightly. If there are certain colors that you would like to stock up on, either by complete 24 sheets or combo packs, you might want to get some before the end of July when the price will change.
Don’t miss the current sale – Bang for your Buck where you can get a special item for $1 when you place an order of $50 or more. You get a choice of several including a couple of 12 Card kits, regularly priced at $12.95, for $1.00!   Please call or email me with questions.

I’ll “talk” to you soon! Making Memories with you,

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Roz said...

That machine is a cricut. ( pronounced cricket) if people don't know. Glad you had fun and can't wait to see the new stuff!!!